Welcome to Suddanly Basenjis!

Suddanly Basenjis, located in central NC, has been showing, field trialing, training and living with basenjis since 1984.  Our breeding program stresses health and temperament, as well as conformation and performance.

We are very proud of our many champions in the show ring and on the coursing field.  There are also Suddanly Basenjis competing in rally, agility and obedience.  Many work as therapy dogs and all are loved by their families.

All the basenjis bred by Suddanly come with a lifetime guarantee against genetic health problems.  And we will always take a dog back if you can no longer keep it, for any reason.  We offer support  and advice for all basenji owners for the lifetime of your dog.  Our puppy buyers are like part of the family.  Suddanly basenjis can be found living with their families all over the USA, plus Canada, Australia, and Sweden!

So come in and meet the family!

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