About Us

Dr. Sue Kirkman has owned basenjis since 1984.  She began training dogs at 12 years old, as soon as she was allowed in the classes.  Sue's first purebred was a Samoyed.  Dogs have been a big part of her life ever since. 

Sue has a bachelor of science degree in animal husbandry from Michigan State University, which emphasizes nutrition, genetics and health. This education and experience provided her with the background that she now uses in the care, feeding and breeding of her basenjis.

Later, Sue went on to be a science teacher, and after 10 years, returned to school and became a chiropractic physician.  At this point, Sue teaches high school science full time and practices chiropractic and functional medicine part-time.

Sue, her husband Gary, and her basenjis and Dare, the token barking dog, reside in central NC on 7 acres.  Many weekends are spent with the dogs at dog shows and field trials.

We would be happy to meet you. If you would like to visit and meet the dogs, give us a call.  If you live too far away,  we may be at an event in a area near you!

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