2022 Puppies

 Please read the "ADVICE FOR PEOPLE LOOKING FOR PUPPIES" page before emailing a breeder about puppies.

Unlike other breeds of dogs, basenjis have a breeding season, and all the litters are born in the winter, usually in November, December or January. 

When we plan a breeding, the parents are carefully chosen for health, temperament and conformation.  Their pedigrees are studied for qualities and possible problems for many generations.  We strive to produce basenjis that will not only make wonderful pets, but that will be a asset to the breed.

Our puppies are born and raised in our house with a lot of love and handling as well as the best of care and food.  We encourage you to check out our  health and feeding advice on the Guidelines page.  Dogs have critical stages in their growth and development.  We balance the knowledge of those critical stages with their vaccination schedules to choose the time when the pups can leave for their forever homes.  At 8 weeks, puppies are bonding to humans and learning to learn, so they need lots of individual attention and care and hopefully, their new family to be with them.  However, they may not be fully covered by their vaccines until 9 weeks, so that is when their new families come to take them home.  Of course, if you live in the area, you are welcome come to visit your pup at any time after the 3rd day.

All our basenjis are health tested and clear of genetic diseases.  For more information on inherited diseases in basenjis, please visit the Basenji Club of America website on the LINKS page.  All pet puppies are sold on limited registration with a spay-neuter contract and a life-time health guarantee for $1200.00.  Show puppy contracts will be discussed on an individual basis. Health information on all the parents is available upon request.  Perspective owners should also check out the Guidelines page of our website, for information on the care of their new puppy.  We can not guarantee the health of the puppy if the buyer will not follow the guidelines.

April 2022 News


I'm sorry.  We don't have any puppies available at this time, and we are not planning to breed next year.





Not all households can take the time needed to raise a puppy.  Frequently, we have adults that are already housebroken and crate trained available.  If you would like a basenji, but find the idea of raising a very active puppy daunting, check the SEEKING HOMES page for some "golden opportunities".