The basenji dogs Golden Opportunities because they are all well-mannered, crate-trained and perfect for homes that do not have the time or energy to raise and house-break a puppy.

All dogs bred by me carry all the same guarantees as our puppies.  I can not guarantee the dogs I did not breed, but I feel I am responsible for them for their lifetime and request that they be returned to me if you can not keep them for any reason.  All are current on vaccines, heart worm negative and wormed.


Sorry.  There are no Suddanly Golden Opportunities available at this time.

I may also know of other adult basenjis that are in need of a home.  Contact me if you are interested.

Basenji Plus!

 The dogs listed under Basenjis Plus are basenji plus something else.  They are not purebred basenjis.  They will probably have some of the characteristics of basenjis, but the "Plus" parent will contribute to the personality and physical characteristics of the dog.  Therefore, these dogs are not guaranteed in any way, but I do offer lifetime "technical support" and will take the dogs back at any time if you can no longer keep them

You may find rescue basenjis and basenji crosses in need of homes at, the BRAT website.  BRAT stands for Basenji Rescue and Transport, a great group of volunteers working together to get homeless basenjis and basenjis crosses into happy forever homes.

I don't know if any Basenjis Plus at this time.